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Cannot specialize non-generic type 'Result'

I am trying to make a simple network call but I am getting error while using Result Type. Xcode is telling me that "Cannot specialize non-generic type ‘Result’". I am looking for the solution but was not successful finding it in the internet, nor in stackoverflow.
The error is:

Cannot specialize non-generic type 'Result'
Remove '<FriendsModel,NetworkingError>'

My code is: FriendsWebServices.swift

import Foundation

enum NetworkingError:Error{
    case nodataAvailable
    case invalidURL
    case canNotProcessData
    case encodingError
    case statusCodeIsNotOkay

class FriendsWebServices{
    static let shared = FriendsWebServices()
    private let session = URLSession.shared
    //Get Method
    func getPosts(completion: @escaping (Result<FriendsModel,NetworkingError>)->Void){
        let urlStirng = EndPointSouce.getEndPoint(type: .Base) + EndPointSouce.getEndPoint(type: .HowManyFriends(10))
        guard let url = URL(string: urlStirng) else {
        // Create the url request
        var request = URLRequest(url: url)
        request.httpMethod = "GET"
        let dataTask = session.dataTask(with: request) { data, response, error in
            guard let jsonData = data else{
            guard let response = response as? HTTPURLResponse else {
                print("Response is nil")
            if response.statusCode == 200{
                    let decoder = JSONDecoder()
                    let responseObject = try decoder.decode([Post].self, from: jsonData)

My Model :

import Foundation

struct FriendsModel:Decodable{
    var results: [Result]

struct Result:Decodable {
    var name: Name
    var location : Location
    var email: String
    var phone : String
    var cell: String
    var picture : Picture

struct Name:Decodable{
    var title: String
    var first: String
    var last: String

struct Location:Decodable {
    var street: String
    var city : String
    var state: String
    var postcode: String
    var timezone:TimeZone

struct TimeZone:Decodable {
    var offset: String
    var description: String

struct Picture:Decodable{
    var large : String
    var medium: String
    var thumbnail: String

Why I am getting this error? Thank You.