Recommand · May 31, 2021 0

how do I write <br> in javascript

Hi I want insert break line tag in javascript and tried everything from stackowerflow,but nothing helped me.
Here is my github repo for.js file and I need make breakline between line 204 and 205 like this .
I mean need third section under second one ,check it here
I will be happy if you help me.

"Seals": [
                new Glyph(0xE076, "Stasis: Glyph 0", Colors.STASIS),
                new Glyph(0xE077, "Stasis: Glyph 1", Colors.STASIS),
                new Glyph(0xE078, "Stasis: Glyph 2", Colors.STASIS),
                new Glyph(0xE079, "Stasis: Glyph 3", Colors.STASIS)
            <need breakline here>
            "Other": [
                new Glyph(0xE052, "Light", Colors.EXPERIENCE),
                new Glyph(0xE059, "Settings"),
                new Glyph(0xE147, "Gilded", Colors.GILDED_FG, Colors.GILDED_BG),
                new Glyph(0xE148, "Cabal Gold", Colors.LEGENDARY_LABEL),
                 new Glyph(0xE142, "Headshot")


I don’t know what do you mean, but to simulate the html br tag you can use "\n" in your string.