Recommand · October 14, 2021 0

@angular/core is not getting update

I update My Angular Project from Version 7 to 12.

here is the ng --version of the project

Node: 14.17.0
Package Manager: npm 7.20.5
OS: win32 x64

Angular: 12.2.9
... animations, cdk, cli, common, core, language-service
... platform-browser, platform-browser-dynamic, router

Package                         Version
@angular-devkit/architect       0.803.29
@angular-devkit/build-angular   0.803.29
@angular-devkit/core            9.1.15
@angular-devkit/schematics      12.2.9
@angular/compiler               9.1.13
@angular/compiler-cli           8.2.14
@angular/forms                  10.2.5
@ngtools/webpack                8.3.29
@schematics/angular             12.2.9
rxjs                            6.6.7
typescript                      3.5.3

where it is showing me @angular/cli and @angular/core is on version 12.2.9

but when I am running ng update then it is saying

    We analyzed your package.json, there are some packages to update:

      Name                               Version                  Command to update
      @angular/cli                       12.2.9 -> 12.2.10        ng update @angular/cli
      @angular/core                      8.2.14 -> 12.2.10        ng update @angular/core

When I am running this ng update @angular/core@12.2.9
then I am getting this message

The installed local Angular CLI version is older than the latest stable version.
Installing a temporary version to perform the update.
✔ Package successfully installed.
Using package manager: 'npm'
Collecting installed dependencies...
Found 82 dependencies.
Package '@angular/core' is already at '12.2.9'.