Recommand · October 14, 2021 0

Creating external hive table from parquet file which contains json string

I have a parquet file whic is stored in a partitioned directory. The format of the partition is


The content of parquet file looks like as follows:


This is json data and i want to create external hive table.

My approach:

CREATE EXTERNAL TABLE test_table (a int, b int, c int) PARTITIONED BY (dates string, hour string) STORED AS PARQUET LOCATION '/user/output/';

After that i run MSCK REPAIR TABLE test_table; but i get following ouput:

hive> select * from test_table;
NULL    NULL    NULL    2021-09-27      09

The other three columns are null. I think i have to define JSON schema somehow but i have no idea how to proceed further. Any help would be great.