Recommand · October 22, 2021 0

How to post json with Postman to Azure Functions?

  1. I can successfully perform Get with postman with url and get input value logged correctly (line 25). http://localhost:7071/api/orchestrators/CalculateOrchestrator?jsoninput=helloworld

  2. However I cannot get Post value logged. It is displayd "jsonInput = ‘None’". Is it issue with Postman or with Function code? Function bindings are for both Get and Post.

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It’s an issue with your code. Neither postman nor function binding issue.
You are reading from the query params (line 18).
You should read it from the request body.

jsonString = req.get_body().decode(encoding='utf-8')

Please check for decoding bytes to object. get_body() returns bytes.