Recommand · December 8, 2021 0

Serial communication with c++ and arduino where is pch.h

I’m working on a pos system and I’m writing everything in a language called AutoIt. an easy but yet powerful language for graphical applications. For the project i need to communicate with 3 arduino devices working as RFID scanners over serial connection (usb). there are libraries for that purpose for AutoIt but I’ve tested them all and they are super slow and unreliable. sometimes it works sometimes it doesn’t. So I fiiinally made the move to C++ and started learning it. I already found some scripts for serial communication that seem to work like a charm. On the videos on YT at least.. The problem is they include a header file called pch.h and I’ve searched my butt off to find that file but I can’t get any specific info to it. I even messaged the guy from the videos but no reply since 1 week now so I’m hoping to find someone who can help me out with that.