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What's the translation of "rack focus" in French?

Rack focus is a:

filmmaking technique of changing the focus of the lens during a continuous shot. When a shot “racks,” it moves the focal plane from one object in the frame to another.

What’s the translation of "rack focus" in French?

Google translate and Lingue didn’t help.

Example of rack focus:

enter image description here

It’s called la mise au point sélective.

Quand on tourne en longue focale avec l’iris largement ouvert pour réduire la profondeur de champ, ces mises au point sélectives (rack focus chez les Anglo-Saxons) exigent beaucoup de précision et de concentration…


That would be transfert de point although the expression seems to be very rare, otherwise a full sentence like basculer la mise au point d’un sujet à un autre.

La bascule de point, quèsaco ?

4’44’ – (en anglais) La bascule de point, c’est-à-dire le changement de mise au point au cours d’une même prise de vue vidéo (rack focusing, en anglais), est une astuce très prisée par certains réalisateurs. Explications…

bascule de point défini dans Télérama

Origin of term rack:

This CENTURY CAMERA, Model No. 16 was manufactured by the Century Camera Company from approximately 1900 to 1902. It was constructed of solid mahogany with dovetail workmanship and covered in cowhide leather. It featured a double extension mahogany bed, attached with piano hinge for stability. The brass hardware is highly polished and lacquered. Focusing was adjusted by a duel rack and pinion adjustment, with a long extension bellows.

Prentis Drew and 2 guys photo prentis drews vintage camera collection

Rack and pinion are the terms that describe a gear assembly.

As seen here: rack and pinion gears_animation

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