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Google Captcha ERROR for site owner: Invalid domain for site key on loadbalancer and unable to send out email

I got some problems that I have been stuck with for almost 1 week now. it’s about this error google captcha site key

and cant send out emails from the load balancer.

the network topology is this the 3 webserver is on 1 load balancer IP address… when I’m using the load balancer as an IP address at my DNS the error came out saying this

Google Captcha ERROR for site owner: Invalid domain for site key

and cant send out an email from the load balancer IP saying this error

{"status":"error","time":0.0,"flags":{},"data":{"code":"UnauthenticatedFromAddress","message":"The From address is not authorised to send mail from this server"}}

what should I do guys tell me is this something with the SSL? or the firewall rule on the load balancer?

I’m so fascinated that I know this technology becos my business is cloud-based I can’t afford downtime it costs me a lot and losing clients.

I’m willing to give someone who can solve this a gift from my heart with some dollar donation for helping me.

picture of the error:

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