Deals: Oneworld round trip Business Class Dublin – USA from $1,529

British Airways in conjunction with Iberia and American Airlines, is currently offering some very good Business Class fares for travel between Dublin and various cities within the United States. Because BA doesn’t fly non-stop from Ireland to the US, all of these deals will require a change of aircraft in London but considering the fares on offer, that shouldn’t put too many people off.

The disclaimers

Fares can appear suddenly and disappear just as suddenly so all I can say is that these fares are available at the time of writing. The more time that passed between the publication of this post and a reader searching for these fares, the more chance that the fares will have disappeared.

Also, as I have no idea how long these fares have already been around, I’m in no position to speculate how long they will continue to be available.

The rules

These appear to be the key rules governing these fares:

  • Travel outbound on Tue/Wed/Thur (the better deals appear to be limited to departures on Tuesdays and Wednesdays)
  • Travel inbound on Mon/Tue/Wed
  • Reservations are needed at least 180 days before departure (the better fares appear to be available from September onwards)
  • The minimum stay appears to vary between 6 and 7 days for the better fares
  • The maximum stay length is 12 months

Other rules may apply.

The searches

I used Google Flights to search for these fares and I included a number of filters designed to ensure that I excluded unfavorable routings and unnecessarily long travel times.

I specified the following:

  • Travel must be on a oneworld airline
  • A maximum of one stopover is permitted
  • The total travel time must not exceed 15 hours.

It’s possible that by removing one or more of these filters, you’ll be able to reduce the cost of travel even further.

Example round trip fares from Dublin

  • Atlanta – $1,576
  • Austin – $1,631
  • Chicago – $1,576
  • Dallas – $1,632
  • Denver – $1,631
  • Miami – $1,576
  • Nashville – $1,576
  • New Orleans – $1,576
  • New York – $1,529
  • Pittsburgh – $1,576

As you’ll be able to see from the fares above, the West Coast appears to be excluded from these oneworld deals (which is a shame) but on a more positive note, if you’re prepared to make 2 stopovers, you can book similar deals to some smaller cities…like Green Bay, De Moines, Pensacola, Little Rock and a whole lot more.

Screenshots showing these example fares:

In further good news, not only are all of these fares available for travel into 2023, but a number of them are also available for travel across the Christmas and New Year period:

I suspect these will be some of the first fares to disappear so if you’re already in a position to make plans for the end of the year, I wouldn’t wait too long to book if you find a fare that works well for you.

Bottom line

British Airways and a number of its oneworld partners are currently offering some very good Business Class deals for travel between Dublin and the United States from September 2022 onwards. Not all major US cities appear to be included in this fare sale but with destinations like Miami, New York, and Chicago all reachable in roundtrip Business Class for under $1,700, that shouldn’t take the shine off what is a very nice set of deals.

You’ll find all of these fares on

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