FAQs from my Recent Harmony of the Seas Cruise

Since I’ve returned from my cruise on Harmony of the Seas, friends and readers have asked me some questions. I’ve got answers for you!

Boardwalk neighborhood on Harmony of the Seas

Was the ship at capacity?

I was told the ship was 96% full, with just a few cabins left empty for Covid quarantine rooms. I didn’t feel the ship was over-crowded except for inside the Windjammer buffet restaurant. Over the years, I’ve learned how to enjoy spaces on cruise ships during off-peak times. For example, early evening is a great time to use the pools since most people are eating or watching a show.

This was our favorite place to watch the sun set, near the Flow Riders. I’m not sure why this spot was always empty during prime sunset viewing time.

Did the cruise feel like things are “back to normal” on board?

Mostly, yes. Masks were not required anywhere. However, the entertainment was still not completely back to pre-pandemic levels. For example, before the pandemic, the ship had two different shows in the Aqua Theatre. During our cruise, there was only one show, and it was a “best of” type show. I surmise this type of show is easier to continue if a few performers get sick. Only one of two main stage shows was playing on board (Grease), and cruisers in our social media group said there were fewer headliner shows (comedians, magicians, etc.) than before. 

Did your kids like the kids/teen clubs?

There weren’t a lot of kids on our sailing. When my daughter and I went into the kids club during open house, the crew members encouraged her to use the teen club instead. She’s 11 years old, and the teen club normally starts at age 12. She went the first night and had fun, but didn’t return.

However, my boys enjoyed the teen club, especially my 14-year-old son. I hardly saw him the entire cruise.

Did you get Covid from the cruise?

No, nobody in my family got Covid from the cruise. However, some members of our social media cruise group did report getting Covid and the flu from the cruise.

I didn’t go into the casino or indoor bars, and I wore a mask during theatre shows. Did that help? I’m not sure.

Do you like Royal Caribbean more than Disney now?

Hmmm…that’s a tough question. I like both cruise lines for different reasons.

The Royal Caribbean ships we’ve been on have top notch recreation on board–iFLY, flow rider, slides, bumper cars, etc. My teen boys LOVE that stuff. I liked the variety of entertainment on Harmony of the Seas, especially the aqua show and the ice skating shows. I have two more Royal Caribbean cruises planned for the future.

However, Disney Cruise Line will always hold a special place in my heart. We have a short cruise planned on the new Disney Wish next year.

Got any other questions? Ask me in the comments.

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