Hallelujah!!! U.S. Ends Re-entry Covid Test Requirement for International Travelers

This is the news many of us have been waiting for. The Biden administration and the CDC are expected to announce later today the end of required Covid testing for international travelers entering the United States by plane. According to CNN, the change will go into effect on Sunday, June 12 at midnight.

I know this is welcome news for many travelers with international travel plans. Obtaining Covid tests abroad can be difficult and expensive. Plus, it’s silly that people could enter the U.S. via cruise ship or car without this resting requirement.

According to the article on CNN, the CDC will reevaluate the requirement again in 90 days.

I am ecstatic to hear this news! My family is traveling to Europe in a few weeks, and I’ve been stressing about how to make the Covid tests happen. Even though I found a cheap online proctor, I’m not sure how well that would work on a phone with WiFi in Europe. This is one less thing we have to worry about.

Who else is jumping for joy at this news?

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