How An Airport Spa Led U.S. Covid Variant Surveillance [Roundup]

News and notes from around the interweb:

  • XpressSpa… wut?

    An airport nail salon has become the frontline of U.S. surveillance of Covid variants.

    Yup, you read that right.

    My latest on how @XpresSpa & @Ginkgo teamed up with the @CDCgov to hunt for emerging coronavirus mutations—and prepare for future pandemics:

    — Riley Ray Griffin (@rileyraygriffin) June 6, 2022

    As Zvi caveats,

    This isn’t about taking samples from people while they got their nails done, or one particular heroic nail salon doing the bulk of our nation’s sequencing and surveillance. Not that I’d put it past us, at this point, to be relying upon a single airport nail salon somewhere, that sounds like the kind of thing we might do, but in this case it is thankfully not what happened.

  • JetBlue job posting suggests they are looking at opening airport lounges

  • Autistic boy, 15, and his mother are trapped in the Caribbean for THREE WEEKS after he had meltdown on plane and airlines refused to fly him him home

  • This passenger’s language is way too bad for me to embed this tweet into the post

  • How resort fees can drive up the cost of a hotel stay — and what travelers can do about it

  • A Surprising Tool You’ve Never Seen, Used by Hotel Housekeeping

    When making a bed, I think tucking the sheets in is dumb. But somehow it’s become the standard for hotels. Before getting into bed in a hotel room, I always walk around the bed to untuck the sheets.

    If you’re a sheet-tucker-inner, you know it’s a pain to do just once. I can’t imagine doing it 30 times in a shift, as hotel maids do. It’s for them that this BedMade EZ Bed Maker was designed.

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