Serendipity: My AA Web Special Award Flights Changed!

Earlier this year, I shared how I booked some AA Web Special Award flights for my husband and son to watch the U.S. Open (tennis) in person. The price of flights from DFW to LaGuardia airport were running close to $500 each, but I found these AA Web Special Awards for just 6500 miles each way. Score!

Of course, the catch was that these web special awards were connecting flights. That isn’t usually a big deal. But, during a busy holiday weekend, a connection increases the risk of delays and issues.

In addition, the rules of AA Web Special Awards state that you can’t change your flight, but you can cancel and get your miles back. If AA changes your flight schedule, you either have to accept the change or cancel the award and try to book an alternative.

Discovering the Flight Change

My husband is about to buy tickets to the tennis event, so he wanted to verify their flight times. When he logged into his account, he discovered their flights had changed. The flights are now nonstop flights and have better departure/arrival times than the original ones we booked. What?!?! A change that actually works in our favor? How did we get so lucky!

I don’t know why we had this stroke of serendipity, but we’re crossing our fingers that these flights stick. Sometimes, luck is not always on our side. But when it is, we will gladly enjoy it!

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