50% Off Airfare And Award Availability Alert Service (Act Quickly)

Thrifty Traveler is an excellent airfare and award alert service. It comes at a $59 price per year currently but many readers find it worthwhile. I’ve shared several award availability alerts from their service in the past few months.

Right now using promo code FIFTY you can get 50% for the first year. Sign up here

The offer is available today, maybe tomorrow (I am not certain) so consider jumping on it if this sort of service interests you.

Premium members receive alerts for deeply discounted flights worldwide including ultra-rare mistake fares, first and business class deals, and even award alerts to use points and miles.

Plus, our Premium members can tailor their alerts to get only flights from their preferred airports: We cover 200-plus U.S. and Canadian airports! You can get started for just $29.99 for your first year!

To be clear I do not receive anything if you choose to sign up. I just pass this along, noting also that when you do you can lock in current pricing for life even if they raise prices (like they did a few months).

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