American Has No Plan To Re-Open Flagship First Dining LAX, But Relief Is In Store For Charlotte

American Airlines no longer uses Los Angeles as its transpacific hub. They’ve dropped flying to Hong Kong and China as well as Auckland, New Zealand. In fact, going forward, they’re looking at flying just to joint venture hubs – London, Tokyo and Sydney.

While those are important flights, and American has a significant three-cabin first class operation to New York JFK, they’ve kept Flagship First Dining closed there.

Inside their business class Flagship Lounge is an exclusive dining room intended for Flagship first class customers (as well as those paying in through Five Star, or otherwise invited). Though Flagship First Dining has been re-opened at New York JFK, Dallas – Fort Worth, and Miami, it remains closed at LAX.

As for the possibility it re-opens, an American Airlines spokesperson tells me, “Nothing planned.” That’s sad, but exactly as I’ve expected.

Meanwhile there’s going to be some lounge relief soon for American Airlines passengers in Charlotte. The main Admirals Club there has been closed for half a year, and the smaller second club has faced long lines to get in – only to find a packed club when passengers reach the front of the line.

Waiting to get in at the CLT B Concourse Admirals Club. The C Concourse club is closed .. not great @AmericanAir

— Jon Casello (@jcasello) March 20, 2022

I paid $550 @AmericanAir to have club access and this is what I have to deal with twice a week going through Charlotte ? Really. This is after you canceled my flight this morning so I have 5 hour layover now.

— Suzanne W (@BugladySuzanne) January 27, 2022

The good news is that the work in the main lounge is coming to an end and will be re-opening.

AA: CLT Terminal C admirals club fire safety renovations are finishing up. There's an open house for employees next Wednesday.Also did the bathrooms, carpeting and reupholstered chairs

— 🇺🇦 JonNYC 🇺🇦 (@xJonNYC) June 17, 2022

Charlotte needs another club or two even once the main club returns. These were crowded even when open. Dallas has 5 Admirals Clubs, Charlotte 2 despite capacity for nearly 80% as many flights.

And don’t expect much of an improvement after six months of work. The bathrooms will be better but this was largely about fire work rather than a full club renovation. On the one hand the lounge really could use a refresh. On the other hand the recent lounge style has been too institutional. So I don’t mind that they’ve waited.

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