Do You Believe Reviews On Airbnb?

Airbnb reviews are crucial. There are too many scams, and unlike hotels that are part of a chain there’s no brand to serve as guidance for what to expect.

Hosts and guests are supposed to review each other blind, not knowing what the other one says until they submit their own review.

But maybe there are reviews out there being submitted under duress?

In the interest of my own personal safety as well as public safety, @Airbnb @AirbnbHelp: Can you explain to me and everyone else why the host who sent me this message is still active on your platform? This person is clearly a threat and should not be allowed to host guests.

— Dr. Alex Moore (@Dr_AlexM) June 18, 2022

I left a 4/5 review with a positive message, and the host has contacted me at my personal number with increasingly threatening text because my review brought their average rating down from a 5 to a 4.95.

— Dr. Alex Moore (@Dr_AlexM) June 18, 2022

Nonetheless one host contract I’ve seen required guests to submit any negative items to them in advance of posting.

And like hotel reviews on Tripadvisor it’s always best to look at themes in the details across numerous reviews, not just the overall opinion reviews are expressing. A review might be overly positive for some reason, but it may not specifically say a property is clean if it isn’t (and it’s even less likely that numerous reviews will say so).

Regardless when the police get involve after threats of violence over accommodations reviews that may be a one-off, rather than representative of the platform. But it’s also a reminder that you don’t really know whom you’re renting from – or to.

(HT: @JohnGaltPattaya)

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