Oops, I Did it Again! Business Class Flights to Europe for Family of 5 on Miles

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What have I turned into? My family has always flown in Economy. I like to get a lot of trips out of my miles and points.

But last year, I decided to splurge on lie-flat business class seats to Europe for my family of five (which turned into six). We are within days of leaving for that trip, so we haven’t even experienced those business class seats yet.

And now what have I done? I booked flights for another trip to Europe next year. And yes, we’re going in business class seats again!

Air France for the Win

After debating where to begin our 2023 European trip, my family landed on Venice. There are no nonstop flights between Dallas and Venice, so I knew we would have a stopover either on the U.S. side or in Europe before getting to Venice.

We will only have 48 hours to explore Venice, so I decided to splurge again on lie-flat business class seats. Getting sleep on the flight will be important!

I explored many options using miles and points. I wish I could tell you that I got some incredible deal that was made even better with a transfer bonus. But, the reality is that finding five business class award tickets is challenging. So, I picked the deal that was most convenient for us.

I found five seats on Air France for 55,000 miles + $220 in taxes each. The route is DFW to CDG nonstop with a small layover at CDG, and then onto Venice. I love that all 5 of us are on the same flight and that we can check our bags straight through to our final destination. Air France seems to have great award availability from DFW.

To get the miles, we pooled our resources. We had some Air France Flying Blue miles from our BofA Air France credit cards. Plus, we transferred some miles over from our Chase and Capital One credit cards into Flying Blue.

Photo by Kit Suman on Unsplash

Our Itinerary

Days 1 & 2: Venice

Day 3: Rome

Days 4-10: Greek/Italian Cruise

Days 11-13: Athens/Poros

I still have a lot of planning to do for this trip, but it can wait until we return from our imminent trip.

It takes a lot of miles to get my family of five to Europe in business class seats. But, I had the miles, so why not use them? We’re not planning to fly to Europe in 2024, so this will be our last big miles expenditure for a while.

Anyone else have good luck with award availability on Air France lately?

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