5 Things I Loved about Perfect Day at CocoCay

Last month, our cruise on Harmony of the Seas stopped at Perfect Day at CocoCay island in the Bahamas. While my older boys spent a few hours in the water park (extra $), my daughter and I enjoyed the included amenities of the island. There is a lot to love about CocoCay, but here are the things that stood out.


CocoCay is so colorful and festive. This is how it looked from our balcony:

It doesn’t even look real!

Even the shops and eating areas had bright colors.

And then there’s the color of the water….clear, sparkling blue!

Oasis Lagoon Pool

It was hot during our visit to CocoCay, so the water at the huge Oasis Lagoon pool felt great!

Oasis Lagoon

This pool is so huge (over 33,000 square feet!) that it’s impossible to capture in one photo. The area by the swim-up bar became packed as the hours went by, but there was still plenty of room in other areas of the pool.

Abundance of Lounge Chairs with Umbrellas

When we pulled up to the port, there was already another Royal Caribbean ship there. Two ships at one time on a tiny island sounds miserable, right? 

However, there were SO MANY lounge chairs and umbrellas everywhere. My daughter and I changed locations several times throughout the day, and we never had an issue finding chairs with shade.

The Food

The food at CocoCay exceeded my expectations. Not only did the lunch buffets have the traditional stuff (chicken, burgers, hot dogs, etc.), but they also had a taco bar with all the fixings.

The snack shack has some unique offerings as well, like a fried chicken sandwich, mozzarella sticks and a funnel cake. Yum! (And it’s free!)

Snack Shack at CocoCay

Hammocks Everywhere

There are so many hammocks on CocoCay that they’re not just for the privileged few.

While the hammocks are located in multiple areas, my kids and I especially enjoyed the hammocks on Chill Island. There were a bunch of them in an area that was heavily shaded by trees. We felt so relaxed and secluded.

Bottom Line

Perfect Day at CocoCay has a lot going for it. I hope my family has a chance to return to the island on a future cruise.

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