Hertz Gives Money To People They Sent To Jail For Crimes They Didn’t Commit [Roundup]

News and notes from around the interweb:

  • Hertz has settled dozens of lawsuits over false arrest when, they say, the rental car company reported cars stolen that weren’t. (HT: Paul H)
  • The new Malaysia Airlines musical safety video

  • Uber bringing back UberPool shared rides

  • Cancellations, Delays Harm Delta’s Longstanding Reputation for Reliability

  • United CEO Scott Kirby “We almost need the government more than we need ourselves to help” with industry problems like air traffic control.

    The solutions are actually quite simple. The federal government shouldn’t be both regulating air traffic control and providing the service (regulating themselves). The air traffic control function should be spun off like in Canada and elsewhere. Then they could raise long-term money (bonds) for capital investment, instead of relying on the vagaries of Congressional budgeting a year at a time. The U.S. is only just replacing paper flight strips food goodness sakes!

  • The three strangest borders on earth. (HT: Paul H)

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