This Trip is Complicated! Let’s GOOOOO

My trip to Europe is finally here! As I was gardening my reservations this past week, I realized just how complicated this trip really is:

6 people

2 origin cities

10 flight record locators

2 apartments

4 hotels

2 van transfers

Paris metro rides

1 high-speed train

6 Swiss Travel Passes for Swiss cog railways, gondolas, boat rides and mountain lifts

But, I am positively giddy! I haven’t been to Europe in 13 years. I am so ready!

We are packing light–just 3 small suitcases. Both of our apartments have washer/dryer.

Over the next few weeks, I’ve got a special guest post lined up from a reader who recently visited Greece and Turkey. Leana will also be filling you in on all the details of her recent European adventures.

Please follow Miles for Family on Facebook and Instagram to see some photos of my trip as we go.

Montmartre. Photo by Nathan Staz on Unsplash
Au revoir!

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