American Airlines Club In Charlotte Re-Opens After 6 Months. Only One Part Is Better.

The main American Airlines Admirals Club has re-opened in Charlotte. It was closed for 6 months for renovations. And travelers are wondering what was even accomplished.

First day of the CLT C/D Admirals Club reopening and it looks exactly the same as before. Only the furniture reupholstered but in the same drab colors. (For some ungodly reason it made the photo a gif.) @_ZachGriff @garyleff @David_Slotnick @OneMileataTime @TheForwardCabin

— Conrado A Asenjo 🇺🇦 (@CAsenjoEsq) June 24, 2022

One area though has been improved.

Just noticed that the bathrooms were remodeled and they look much nicer. It’s the sleekest part of the lounge now

— Conrado A Asenjo 🇺🇦 (@CAsenjoEsq) June 24, 2022

With just two clubs in Charlotte (DFW airport has 5) there’s frequently little seating available to begin with. Taking the main club offline and the sole remaining club had lines to get in (and when you’d finally get in, the place was packed).

I paid $550 @AmericanAir to have club access and this is what I have to deal with twice a week going through Charlotte ? Really. This is after you canceled my flight this morning so I have 5 hour layover now.

— Suzanne W (@BugladySuzanne) January 27, 2022

Waiting to get in at the CLT B Concourse Admirals Club. The C Concourse club is closed .. not great @AmericanAir

— Jon Casello (@jcasello) March 20, 2022

Carpeting was replaced throughout the club. Furnishings received an update. But the primary work was fire-related, and according to a posed permit included:

demolition and renovation of 2 gang toilet rooms…includ[ing] demolition, millwork, doors, drywall, tile, acoustical ceilings, painting, toilet partitions and accessories, repalcement of plumbing fixtures, relocation of HVAC diffusers/grilles and electrical.

So six months of down time and the old US Airways style remains. I’m generally ok with that because the recent Admirals Club renovation model has been very institutional (in my opinion they made the Dallas ‘A’ club worse when renovating it, for instance).

The airline still needs another club in Charlotte – and has passed on several opportunities to open one, as American Express and The Club have expanded to the airport instead.

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