The Stupidity Continues But This Time They’re Proud Of It

TSA is promoting their prowess at seizing liquids at security checkpoints. Great catch! They’ve rounded up liquids and gels over 3 ounces and placed them in one spot together to be photographed.

But where is the hazmat team? If these items were dangerous you wouldn’t think they’d be kept near he security checkpoint and passengers, let alone held together. There would be dangerous materials protocols. Except even the TSA doesn’t believe these liquids are dangerous. They’re seizing liquids because the rules say to do so, not because it keeps anyone safe.

Display of oversized liquids, gels and aerosols that travelers had in their carry-on bags at the ⁦@SyracuseAirport⁩ @TSA Checkpoint in a 3-day span. The limit for liquids through a checkpoint is 3.4 oz.

— Lisa Farbstein, TSA Spokesperson (@TSA_Northeast) June 22, 2022

Some of you will reflexively respond that since there haven’t been terrorist attacks on airplanes, everything the TSA does must be great. Except even the TSA itself doesn’t think this. They accidentally filed documents in court admitting that there haven’t been any attempts on planes (rather than those attempts being foiled) and that there aren’t, in fact, active threats to U.S. aviation.

The TSA also conceded that it isn’t its procedures at security checkpoints, but hardened cockpit doors and a willingness of passengers to fight back, that makes a repeat of 9/11 unlikely. Our safety in the sky has nothing to do with the War On Water which has been waging for longer than World Wars I and II combined plus the Korean War.

Remember though that if you freeze your liquids, they’re no longer liquid and can pass through as a solid. But take care that the liquid doesn’t melt or else it can be confiscated.

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