Forget Priests, Therapists, It’s TSA Screeners That Know Our Deepest Secrets

The TSA can rifle through your luggage at will and will pull sex toys out of your bags in front of other passengers. You walk through machines that take naked images and screeners get to fondle you if they find you attractive.

TSA even had a program to follow ordinary passengers and mark down when they used the bathroom. But perhaps there’s nothing more intimate than having your pancake mix obsession revealed as the price of domestic travel.

i apologized to the TSA agent for the abundance of pancake mix in my luggage and he said, “Never apologize for being who you are”

— 100T Chelsea 🐉 (@Chelsnii) June 16, 2022

Other passengers are sharing to social media the personal elements of their lives that come out from under wraps at the security checkpoint.

I apologized to my TSA agent over having stuffed several cans of tuna that my parents wanted me to take home in my carry-on and he said he can't fault my parents for trying to keep me fed.

— ana may (@anamaytions) June 17, 2022

i remember the only time i was stopped by a tsa agent was bc one of my bags was just fulllll of rock candy like the crystal ones ?? and kit kats and that was only bc they took me to the candy store in london and ofc i spent my life savings in there

— eve !!! 🍓🐿 (@taiteez) June 17, 2022

Even your most intimate preferences get shared, debated and lectured by the TSA.

I tried to bring @torchystacos home from Denver (before we had one in KC) I got a lecture from the DEN TSA agent how Taco Bell was better, despite never trying torchys… The crazy judgement he passed still makes me mad today.

— Katie B (@katiebtraveling) June 17, 2022

Perhaps the only agency that competes with TSA for your intimate details – besides the NSA, perhaps – is Customs and Border Patrol. Within 100 miles of a border is more or less a ‘constitution-free zone’ and they’re they’re creating a central repository to store traveler emails for up to 75 years.

US customs wanted to know why I had so many chocolate bars in my suitcase.

— Caroline D (@carriemtl) June 18, 2022

(HT: Paul H)

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