Man Airdrops Photos Of His Private Parts On Southwest Plane, Gets Exposed

A Southwest Airlines passenger was accused of airdropping photos of his genetalia to other passengers on the plane.

AirDrop is a way for Apple devices to share photos. Other Apple users can choose to receive or not receive photos, or limit who can send them to you. But many leave the setting open, though I don’t know anyone that would accept files sent by someone they did not know.

A woman sitting across from him got an airdrop notification on her phone. She saw the man airdropping photos on his phone. She looked at the photo and asked if he meant to send it. She reports that, why yes, he said he did mean to pull an Anthony Weiner on the flight. She brought it to the attention of the crew.


Lawrence Martin from Texas, grossssssss. I saw his ipad had airdrop open so I knew it was him, and yes, i sure did make a scene

♬ original sound – DaddyStrange

When a flight attendant asked him why he did it, he responds “sounded like fun.” What’s striking to me is that he just admits he did it and offers ‘my apologies’. The crewmember responds “so.. that’s gonna be an issue.”

The passenger who filmed this reports speaking to an FBI agent after the flight, and reports that the father of a child who “was sent” but did not accept the airdrop was “ready to fight.” And they videotaped this ending: asking the man if he has a TikTok account. He doesn’t. “Oh darn.”


Tldr: we got airdropped some n00ds and Larry acted like it was a casual Friday on our flight to Denver

♬ original sound – DaddyStrange

He exposed himself and then he was exposed.

Last year United deplaned a flight after a passenger airdropped a photo of a toy gun. The year before a flight was delayed due to airdropping porn. In 2019 this happened on Southwest too.

Then there was the time that the CFO of an airline told a court he was just trying to delete porn from his work computer and that’s how relevant files in the case got erased accidentally.

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