Delta Passenger Offered $10,000 To Take A Later Flight

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  • India’s next street food craze
  • Millionaire migration. Millionaires are bailing on Russia an China (including Hong Kong) and moving to Singapore, Israel, the U.A.E. an Australia. They’re also moving to Switzerland and the U.S., while leaving India and Brazil. Work through the model of what kinds of places people who can leave are bailing on, and where those who can go anywhere are choosing.

  • The Austin airport is willing to sell its soul to promote air service. And no, Kansas City barbecue doesn’t come close to Central Texas ‘Q if you care about the quality of meat and how it’s cooked, rather than hiding those factors in a thick tomato-based sauce.

    In any case they should be promoting the service as an opportunity for Missourians to set their sights higher.

    ATX BBQ is good, but something tells us Kansas City does it good-er (we can’t bring ourselves to say the “b” word).

    From Kansas to Missouri, you can get some of the best burnt ends in town at places like Slap’s & Arthur Bryant’s. Book nonstop with @SouthwestAir & @AmericanAir ✈️

    — Austin-Bergstrom International Airport (AUS) (@AUStinAirport) June 27, 2022

  • Delta offered passengers $10,000 in vouchers to take a later flight

    On @Delta flight from GRR to MSP and they just offered $10,000 for people to give up their seats.…

    Ten. Thousand. Dollars.

    — Jason Aten (@JasonAten) June 27, 2022

  • Stanley Cup gets an exit row (HT: Joe R.)

    Heading home with some precious cargo. #FoundAWay #GoAvsGo

    — Colorado Avalanche (@Avalanche) June 27, 2022

  • Former Cargo Handler at LAX Sentenced to One Year in Prison for Stealing Four Gold Bars Headed from Australia to New York

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