Hôtel du Louvre’s Excuse For Not Offering Free Nights To Hyatt Members

Hyatt’s Hôtel du Louvre in Paris all of a sudden stopped offering free night awards on points. Searching for stays, it appears the King Standard Room was gone entirely, and all rooms at the hotel that were for sale came with views. And those rooms aren’t standard rooms eligible for redemption.

I reached out to Hyatt to see what was going on, and whether the hotel was compliant with Hyatt’s rules since I wasn’t able to find a single free night award in the coming year. Up until the end of May awards were easy to come by.

Hyatt shares that the issue is the hotel’s renovation, specifically affecting the base level rooms at the hotel.

[S]tandard rooms are more limited right now as many have been removed from inventory during some external renovations to the building façade that are on-going through the rest of this year and into next year. We anticipate that the work will be completed by Summer 2023 and standard room inventory will resume normal levels.

I asked them to point to any dates on the calendar where one is available. They didn’t, but said award space does exist.

[Awards] do still exist and we are working with the hotel to see if we can get additional room types (non-façade facing) added to the list of standard rooms. We anticipate higher inventory in the next several weeks.

Hotels are usually required to offer some rooms as standard inventory, bookable using points. We can expect to see an additional room type offered on points – better than the usual standard rooms – soon enough. That means for a period of time, once this happens, Hyatt points should be worth more than usual at this property since they’ll book into better rooms for the same price.

There’s some disagreement, though, on whether there is actually any award space at the moment. I haven’t been able to find any and the hotel General Manager reportedly shares that standard room inventory is currently zeroed out,

Indeed, all our standard rooms are currently closed. We are facing technical issues in these rooms and we will be launching renovations of these rooms from January for several months. We will be reopening these rooms once the renovations will be completed, most probably from August next year.

I’d probably bet on end of summer rather than by summer for when normal award inventory can be booked for stays at the Hôtel du Louvre.

Meanwhile it’s a shame award stays cannot be booked at this hotel right now, since it’s one of the few (~ 10%) properties eligible for the 20% points rebate offer for Chase Hyatt consumer cardmembers.

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