Disney Sells A $5000 Cocktail, And They Won’t Tell You What’s In It [Roundup]

News and notes from around the interweb:

  • Why is flying such a nightmare right now? Brian Sumers on Josh Barro’s podcast.
  • Awards on Brazil’s Gol can now be booked at aa.com

  • Guests were killed by carbon monoxide poisoning while on holiday at Sandals Emerald Bay resort in the Bahamas

  • This is stupid. By the way Disney’s board gave the company’s CEO a new long-term contract doubling down on his “vision.”

    While I know that the Kaiburr Crystal [on the Disney Wish cruise ship] is an actual drink (or maybe three?), I wasn’t able to use any Jedi skills to learn what the drinks actually contain — though I was told they are “amazing.”

    What I did learn is that the [$5000] cocktail is “not just a drink.” A Hyperspace bartender told me emphatically and excitedly that it is an experience. A wild (and expensive) experience.

    I heard something about codes or puzzles involved to open the box the drink is served in. I spotted what might be the magical drink box in the corner — and even saw Disney Imagineers testing the box with some smoke the day before, while the bar was still closed.

  • Man who tried to strip off clothes on a plane faces 20 years in prison (HT: Paul H)

  • Going for their FAA STC.

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