Emirates A380 May Have Flown 13 Hours With A Hole In Its Fuselage

A three year old Emirates Airbus A380 from Dubai to Brisbane may have flown for 13 hours with a hole in its fuselage.

Flight EK430 took off from Dubai International Airport and that may be the point at which the aircraft received damage. However it wasn’t until approach into Brisbane that flight crew advised air traffic control that they suspected “they blew a tyre on takeoff” and asked for emergency response services to on standby as they arrived.

On landing aircraft was towed in, and a “large hole in the left hand wing root fairing” discovered, along with “penetration at the underside of the fuselage.”

Emirates A380 Superjumbo Lands in Brisbane With Hole Blown Into The Side of Fuselage And Insiders Claim The Damage Occurred On Takeoff #aviation pic.twitter.com/SMkkN5FJqv

— RJ – Arsenal Mustafa New Boss (@sitrafox) July 2, 2022

A plane has landed in Brisbane, with a hole in the side of its fuselage after a wheel exploded in the undercarriage. Emirates flight EK430 took off from Dubai yesterday before one of its wheels erupted shortly after retracting. https://t.co/VZ3A1cpmr5 #7NEWS pic.twitter.com/pskyF9pkiB

— 7NEWS Brisbane (@7NewsBrisbane) July 2, 2022

One person who reports being a passenger on the aircraft shares,

Around 30-45 mins after takeoff we heard a loud bang, I turned to my wife and said that whatever it was it would be stressing the pilots. Definitely didn’t sound like normal turbulence. The rest of the flight was fine, no funny noises that I could hear. Before we landed they told us we had to land on a different runway and get an engineer to inspect the plane for a suspected landing gear problem. Landing felt really smooth. Then with the engine powered down we had to be towed. So surprised to see a hole in the side now!! Thankful it wasn’t any worse.

Fortunately the flight went smoothly and the aircraft landed safely.

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