What Delta’s New ‘Parallel Reality’ Departures Board Is Really Like

One hundred people at a time can see personalized flight information – addressed to them – on the same flight information board. That’s Delta’s first ‘parallel reality’ monitor in Detroit in partnership with Misapplied Sciences, first teased at the Computer Electronics Show in 2020 but with rollout delayed to this past week by the pandemic.

The Parallel Reality displays work because every pixel in the display can simultaneously project millions of light rays in different directions. As travelers scan their boarding passes to opt in to the experience (with the potential for mobile tracking and similar technologies following later), the system’s sensors will track them, even as they walk around the display, and show the right information for their eyes only.

Here’s what it actually looks like in practice.

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I’m not sure that this accomplishes very much but it is certainly super cool, and is proof of concept for the company that developed it. Delta, for its part, says the pilot effort makes passengers ‘feel seen and valued.’

It seems to me the board displays the information that I… get on the mobile app alraedy. Do you find this useful, and does it make you feel valued?

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