[Roundup] Retired Supreme Court Justice Stephen Breyer Could Fix Air Travel In 60 Days

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  • Legal scholar Ilya Somin thinks now-retired Supreme Court Justice Stephen breye, an architect of airline deregulation when he worked for Senator Ted Kennedy, should head up a 60-day bipartisan commission on air travel.

    Breyer was a key architect of airline deregulation. Thanks in large part to him, air travel became vastly cheaper and more efficient, putting it within the financial reach of working and lower-middle class people for the first time.

    Today, air travel is once again hobbled by awful, outmoded regulations. Send Breyer to the rescue! The president should instruct him to form the commission and issue a report within, say, 60 days, after which Biden (and if necessary Congress) can act on its recommendations. Breyer’s prestige can push it through!

  • 25% transfer bonus from Capital One to TAP Air Portugal through July 31

  • Cathay Pacific will resume New York JFK – Vancouver – Hong Kong service but without allowing passengers to fly between New York and Vancouver.

  • Richard Quest on the Qatar Airways Airbus A350 dispute

  • Sabre and Travelport help the government spy on air travelers

  • Delta pays $10.5 million to settle claims they “falsified information about deliveries of international mail that it was contracted to carry, including mail sent to U.S. soldiers deployed overseas.”

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