The Most Unique Hotel Room In The World? And Any Guest Can Stay One Night Free

A woman in Ibiza, Spain shared her hotel room experience. It’s truly unique, and you can stay there for free. The room has glass walls. It’s in the center of the hotel lobby. Everyone can see inside.

The London-based guest at the Paradiso Art Hotel stayed there after seeing it on TikTok. Her own social shares are generating 8 figure views. So it’s both creepy and an online content creator’s dream.

The ‘Zero Suite’ is meant as art in a hotel that describes itself as “media-friendly” (every guest’s nightmare) and features an art gallery and tattoo parlor. The suite is priced at $0 for one night – and each guest can stay in it only once per year – but you’re staying inside a fish bowl.

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According to the hotel,

Each one of our hotels has a wow factor or unique feature that makes the hotel much more than just a building with rooms in it, and creates experiences that the guest will remember long after they check out.

…[The room’s] walls are entirely made of glass. It’s a completely furnished room with a bed, a table, chairs, and a bathroom with a toilet and shower.

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Fortunately other guests can’ see into the bathroom!

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