Denver Airport Building New ‘Hotel Row’ 3 Miles From The Terminal

Denver’s airport is planning a new ‘hotel row’ as part of their 26 acre ‘West Approach’ project. This is going to be about 3 miles from the terminal, near a future Denver rail system stop.

There are already 26 hotels along Tower Road. And of course there’s a Westin connected to the terminal. This new project is expect to launch first with a ground lease for a branded select service property with 200+ rooms, that the airport envisions will offer a rooftop bar and dining with plane spotting opportunities.

They claim 100,000 vehicles per day traveling past the airport. I imagine that includes every hotel and parking shuttle that crosses numerous times each.

Now, it’s hard to see Denver needing more airport hotels. They don’t have much long haul really, though it’s growing. The city is an absolute schlepp from the airport to be sure but if you’re doing it early you won’t face traffic. The Westin makes sense (just keep the window shades closed), of course. I’m also not sure about a project whose off ramp from Pena Boulevard is Gun Club Road.

Of course stranger things have happened at the airport, or so they say: the swastika runway, the time capsule buried under the American flag at the south end of the terminal which mentions the “New World Airport Commission” that… doesn’t exist. The airport tunnels originally meant for the baggage system that are said to lead to future Nazi prisons. Oh, and gargoyles guard baggage claim.

(HT: Joe)

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