Hertz Toll-Tracking Scam

Rent a car, steal the PlatePass toll tracking device, use it as an Uber driver on all your airport runs while the tolls get billed to whomever rents the car next. That seems like a dangerous ploy, since presumably there are photos of your vehicle going through the tolls and you could be easily tracked down. Or perhaps not.

No [use of] toll road and nowhere near any. Two weeks after [the rental] I get a credit charge on my statement of US$920…apparently for tolls New York and the tunnels to Jersey.

I email Hertz and finally get a reply that my rental wasn’t associated with any of these tolls, and for me to contact the toll company plate pass! Hertz didn’t want to help in any way and wont reply to any emails.

After contacting plate pass there were 96 tolls incurred in ten days! I’m in the process of gathering credit card statements to show where I was in those ten days to prove it wasn’t my vehicle. Obviously the toll transponder was removed from my vehicle prior to rental and was used in another vehicle.

It seems that to exonerate yourself it’s on you to catch the person who did the deed. And in order to catch the person you’d need the cooperation of PlatePass (let alone Hertz). But good luck getting that. So maybe this is a better scam than it initially might seem.

You could say this is ‘Hertz being Hertz’ but this seems like something could happen with any rental car company in a major city.

(HT: Jonathan W.)

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