3 Reasons Not To Rely On Your Airline For A Hotel Room When Stranded Overnight [Roundup]

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  • This – and that the hotel room the airline provides you probably isn’t one you’d want to stay in anyway. Far better to pay for your ticket using a credit card that offers robust trip delay coverage.

    Currently in CLT@AmericanAir delayed our flight 2 hrs, then boarded us at our new time just to sit on the tarmac for 45 min, and then canceled it

    Why even bother standing in line for a hotel tonight when it’s gonna be morning by the time we get up to Customer Service pic.twitter.com/4HLBHdrwF8

    — Noah Haneman (@newsienoah356) July 8, 2022

  • Again, don’t rely on the airline for your hotel room when a flight gets cancelled.

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  • Having fun flying.

    SouthwestWhen @SouthwestAir makes your bride-to-be friend a super-special tiara on the flight to her bachelorette party! 💛👑 LGB-AUS pic.twitter.com/X6gPN6RNW3

    — Suzanne Lee (@suzannenlee) July 7, 2022

  • Connect Airlines finally gets its operating certificate

  • Hotel room fridges that aren’t safe for storing food

  • Seatmates to soulmates: How one couple’s Alaska flight led to a proposal and swirl through the world

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