Agents Warn ‘Southwest Karen’ You’re Not Flying Spirit!

A woman waiting to check in with Southwest Airlines in Los Angeles tells another passenger, an African American man, that he’s entitled – while a Southwest employee asks her to move up in line. It seems like he’d asked her to move forward when there was plenty of room in front of her, she didn’t, and she got mad over having been asked – although exactly what transpired before the video was filmed isn’t clear.

This passenger, dubbed “LAX Karen,” yells and makes a fist at the agent who asked her to move up. That puts her on the verge of being “escorted out” of the check-in area. That’s when another agent jumps into the chat, telling her:

I don’t know what you think this is, but this is not Spirit.

The crowd loves it!

@starknado7 Somebody come get their mom. The family behind her asked her to move up when the line moved. #whitetears #airportkaren #karensgoingwild ♬ original sound – Starknado7

She claimed to have been assaulted. She got asked to leave.

(HT: C Boarding Group)

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