United Airlines Economy Plus… Plus What, Exactly?

News and notes from around the interweb:

  • Don’t run outside of unauthorized exits at an airport.

    Got em pic.twitter.com/sFrohH4YB0

    — Jamie P (@shereaps) July 9, 2022

  • Late night in Cozumel, rough for everyone.

    @AmericanAir We we’re on business class, Cozumel to Dallas today. All we wanted was a couple of drinks and the flight attendant decided to sleep instead. #Cozumel #SouthwestAirlines #UnitedStates #wffa #FoxNews pic.twitter.com/TxLEkrJ3D9

    — javier montoya (@trumpswig24) July 1, 2022

  • Authentic travel (Economist)

    Ex-guerrillas offer birdwatching, hiking and hearty campfire cuisine as part of Tierra Grata Ecotours in La Paz, a town near the border with Venezuela. Over a two-day hike along boggy mountain paths, Jhonni Giraldo, a former farc footsoldier, leads hardy tourists to Marquetalia, a hamlet. In 1964 the military bombed an armed commune founded by refugees here into oblivion; the survivors headed to the hills and the farc insurgency was born. There is not much to see other than the rusted remains of a downed helicopter. Mr Giraldo is mulling over reconstructing the house of Manuel Marulanda, the founder of the farc.

  • New Admirals Club ‘Service Center’ in Philadelphia

    New: PHL Guest Services Center at Gate A19
    You can visit the Guest Service Center at Gate A19 for help with ticketing and travel between 3:30 – 10 p.m. This space will also offer grab-and-go snacks, bottled water and coffee.

    Guest Services Centers, generally employed while a lounge is closed, can actually be better – free bottled water, something Admirals Clubs usually charge for!

  • They don’t actually ever say Economy plus what exactly..

    I guess Economy Plus is short for “Economy Plus Vermin” 🪳😬 @United pic.twitter.com/p2MYcd5Dlh

    — Louis Fouché (@LouisFouche) July 9, 2022

  • Stanley Tucci on his first-ever first class flight and on how people dress for travel,

    The way that people dress. I mean, everybody’s dressed like a nine year old. And you think, but you’re not nine years old! You’re a person. Put a shirt on, wear a pair of shoes. Why do you have to wear sweats? Even my children, my older children – I’m like, “You can’t dress like that on a plane.” But that’s a very old fashioned way of thinking. You always got dressed up to travel. I still do. I’ll sometimes just wear a suit on a plane. I’ve become a little less severe as I’ve gotten older, but I will always have a jacket.

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