Alaska Gives Every Employee Miles So They Can Learn How Tough They Are To Use [Roundup]

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  • A man in India tried to hide an affair with an overseas girlfriend from his wife by tearing pages out of his passport showing his entry and exit stamps. Upon his return to India border officials noticed the torn pages – and arrested him for altering his passport. Now the wife knows…
  • More Hawaii visitors saying they won’t return, due to high costs

  • United flight attendant mistakes Simone Biles for child, offers her coloring book Wut?

  • So about those customer satisfaction scores Delta asks customers for and then brags about getting…

    Oh @Delta , this isn’t how to learn about customer satisfaction

    — Dave Frankland (@dfrankland) July 11, 2022

  • Yikes.

    Just how close was this flight to crashing into the ground?

    6 feet.

    If the flight crew had reacted a second later, it's over. What happened? ATC gave an incorrect altimiter setting, leading to a glide slope 280 feet below profile.

    — Jason Rabinowitz (@AirlineFlyer) July 11, 2022

  • Alaska Airlines gives every employee 90,000 miles to celebrate its 90th anniversary. Back at the start of 2018 employees were being given $1000 each prompted by tax law changes. Assume that this costs the airline $700 – $750 apiece.

    @alaskaair Today, we gave every employee 90,000 miles to celebrate 90 years of flying. 💙✈️ #AlaskaAir #TravelTok #TravelTheGlobe #EmployeeAppreciation #WhereToNext #iAmAlaska ♬ Sunrise – Official Sound Studio

  • There’s real truth to this. You elites getting free breakfast know what I’m talking about.

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