Earn Double Hyatt Points At MGM Resorts In Las Vegas Through October 15

Hyatt is offering double points on MGM resort stays in Las Vegas between July 13 and Octtober 15, 2022.
Registration required. The offer means that you earn an additional 5 points per dollar on your qualifying hotel spend.

The nearly 10 year old partnership between Hyatt and MGM Resorts was revolutionary when first introduced.

  • It filled a hole in Hyatt’s portfolio, since they were weak in Las Vegas
  • It brought their customers to MGM, and MGM’s to Hyatt
  • And nearly amounted to hotel ‘codesharing’ because Hyatt’s elites were status matched in MGM’s program and treated comparably, in addition to being able to earn and redeem points using World of Hyatt for MGM hotels and vice versa.

Since then the program has become somewhat diluted. They’ve reduced the ability to double dip in both programs with the same stay (it’s also been possible to double, err, triple dip with Southwest). They’ve also reduced the value of status match – Hyatt Globalists only receive Gold status with MGM, the same as mid-tier Hyatt Explorists – they used to receive Platinum.

Nonetheless there’s good value here. It presaged the Hyatt-SLH partnership, and offers the opportunity to credit cheap Las Vegas midweek stays for elite status. I also hope this promotion drives a lot of business to MGM.

I’ve certainly heard rumblings out of MGM that they’ve been somewhat ambivalent about the partnership. It’s unclear how serious this year, and whether they reviews that they’ve done point to changes. But Hyatt’s ability to drive business to MGM would be helpful, I think.

Of course Hyatt will be gaining a bigger foothold in Vegas in its own right, bringing multiple brands to prime real estate as part of the renovation and rebranding of the old 2500-room Rio.

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