Southwest Airlines Called Cops After Passenger Sticks Up For Woman Being Kicked Off Over Revealing Top

A woman in a red corset top says she was ‘dress coded’ by Southwest Airlines. And when another woman on the plane stuck up for her, the cops were called.

Southwest’s Lady In Red took to TikTok to ask about dress codes, “are we in high school?”

are u upset about my shoulders? It’s 102 degrees. my torso is fully clothed? and it caused a scene bc some sweet lady stuck up for me and then got kicked off the flight.

@maybejacy give me my money back smelly hoes @Southwest Airlines or send me a bottle of expensive champagne 😘 #fyp ♬ life support mashup by mvlfoy – toukass

The woman who was kicked off of the flight for defending the corset as appropriate attire took to Twitter to share her story. She felt Southwest cabin crew were being inconsistent in removing this woman, while allowing a man in a shirt she found offensive – “Let’s Go Brandon” – to stay on the plane.

She responded with “She is wearing a corset and this is a family company. Some people find it offensive.” I then told the employee that I felt threatened and offe by the man directly behind me wearing a “Let’s Go Brandon” shirt, and she did not care.

— Melinna Bobadilla (@MelinnaTeatrina) July 11, 2022

According to the woman whose shirt was questioned (and considered questionable) she got a tap on the shoulder. The crewmember told her to cove herself up. First she was asked whether she had a jacket or something else to put on, and then was told they’d get her a shirt. She declined. Things got testy and the other passenger got involved, which is when the cops were called to remove the interlocutor from the aircraft.

She found herself more clothed than “half of the plane.” And she didn’t understand what she was asking to cover – her shoulders? – at temperattures over 100 degrees.

Though it was American that insisted a former Miss Universe cover up to be allowed to fly (when video showed other passengers wearing less), Southwest is known for removing passengers for their attire.

It was 15 years ago that Kyla Ebbert had 15 seconds of worldwide fame getting kicked off a Southwest Airlines flight for her outfit (‘too sexy to fly’). Back then the airline ran a fare sale based on the publicity,

Southwest Airlines today faces the bare facts and reveals the naked truth by issuing an apology to its Customers who have commented about its handling of a few who were dressed in revealing clothing. …Southwest has lowered its already skimpy fares to “mini-skirt” size of $49 to $109 one-way.

“Some have said we’ve gone from loving hot pants to having hot flashes but nothing could be farther from the truth, “said Southwest’s CEO Gary Kelly. “The publicity caught us with our pants down, quite frankly. The story has such great legs, but we have an even better sense of humor, so we’re going to jump out there and lower our fares to match the mini skirts we’ve all been hearing so much about.”

Live and Let’s Fly points out that Southwest plastered Israeli model Bar Refaeli in a bikini on the side of one of their 737s, which I take as prima facie evidence that the attire in question doesn’t violate Southwest’s standards of what’s appropriate to fly.

Here are Southwest’s original flight attendant uniforms, designed by their original President’s wife. The airline’s ticker symbol is LUV. The peanuts they used to serve onboard were “Love Bites.” Their original ticketing machines were called Quickies.

The days of getting dressed up on planes, like you would for formal dinner on a cruise ship, are long gone. Over the past couple of years there haven’t been as many business travelers in business attire either. Dress guidelines are vague and left to the interpretation and discretion of gate agents and flight crew. Here it seems to me they got this one wrong.

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