Great Things Are Happening In The Air, Special Moments Trump The Misery

It seems like all we hear about are the negative stories in air travel. Some of that is how prevalent those are. Some of it is that they’re more ‘newsy’. But the truth is that there are special moments happening in airports and on board planes every day, throughout the day.

Air travel connects the world. People fly for a purpose. They’re visiting friends and family, attending to important business, and connecting. Sometimes they connect with each other, through the randomness of seat assignments. And sometimes it’s the little connections with employees along the way, because it’s one human helping out another and taking a moment engage as people.

Seven moments shared to social media with photos or video stood out to me in just twenty four hours, showing that in a single day there’s a lot of good in the air, and on the ground.

Here are (4) moments from Southwest Airlines. You sort of expect this from Southwest. I’ve only experienced this once but for some it seems to be a daily occurrence.

Thank you @SouthwestAir after a rough day at work… Thjs made my day. Thank you.

— DamnLaw’s⚽⚾☕ (@BigBlueBirdLaw) July 14, 2022

@SouthwestAir Flight 169 from Denver to Chicago today was great! The flight attendant not only made my boy a happy birthday crown but also she led the singing of happy birthday on the plane. What a great way to celebrate 10 years. Thanks Southwest and to the flight attendant!

— Jon (@HuskerJon307) July 14, 2022


Y’all having a party at Atlanta?

— WeatherJeff2.0 (@JefftheTexan) July 14, 2022

.@SouthwestAir – Excellent flight from #LittleRock to #Dallas Tuesday morning! No nonsense but SUPER friendly, professional crew & a speedy, smooth flight. Plus a birthday celebration for several passengers. Great way to shift gears & get in a family visit. THANK YOU! ❤️ #SWA

— ᴊᴇᴍ ʜᴀʟʟ 🌊 (@ruraldogs) July 14, 2022

The remarkable thing is that it isn’t just Southwest. Here are (3) moments from that same 24 hour period on United.

Good leads the way!! Thank you @jonathangooda and the @united DEN crew for making this a very special trip for our dear friends!! This is why I love my United friends!!

— Gary Cirlin (@garycirlin) July 14, 2022

a flight attendant on today’s flight wished me a Happy Anniversary 🎉. turns out today is my 25th anniversary as a @united mileage plus member! #cheers #travel

— tim losch official (@timblivion) July 14, 2022

The chaplain who married us is our captain on the flight to Honolulu! @united providing excellent service, as always. What are the odds? #honeymoon

— Carolyn Chitwood (@ColoradoCaro) July 14, 2022

Despite a corporate purpose of ‘caring for people on life’s journey’ I couldn’t find anything similar shared to social media about American Airlines during this window (although American does have Taylor Tippett). And there usually seems to be less social chatter about Delta Air Lines outside of long telephone hold times.

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