If You Put A “Not Stolen” Sign On A Hertz Rental Car, What Will Happen?

Hertz has a program where they’ll provide a ‘wrap’ on your rental car with advance notice.

Let the good times roll on any occasion. Whether you’re planning a night out on the town for a big birthday; looking to arrive in style for your bachelorette party; or celebrating a milestone anniversary, go celebrate your next exciting moment with a custom-wrapped ride just for you.

You can select from one of their existing templates or you can pick a customized message. (HT: J.W.)

Reserve your rental and then fill out the request form with your preferred wrap. They say it will take them 3-5 business days to respond.

I’d love to hear from anyone that does this: what is your experience like? And are there custom messages that Hertz will reject…? (Surely there are many!)

And would a banner saying your vehicle hasn’t been stolen keep Hertz from reporting it stolen? Would the police believe the car’s wrap? Why do the police believe Hertz anymore, anyway?

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