American Tourists Slam Irish Woman Online After Stealing Her Seat On A Train

In a since-removed post on Reddit, a 43 year old woman writes that she was traveling with her husband and six children from Dublin to Kikenny. The American family on holiday boarded their train and found seats together.

A mid-20s Irish woman then boarded, was “very polite” and let tthem know that their 9 year old daughter was “sitting in her assigned seat.”

The Americans thought it was open seating. However, “She told me there [are assigned seats] if you book online in advance and pointed to a sign above the seat where her name was displayed.”

The family dad responds that “we didn’t know that was a name as it just looked like a random string of letters.” Nice guy!

The young local didn’t like this, and insisted that she be allowed to sit in the seat she’d paid for. The family comments that they don’t know whether the young solo traveler had a “valid” reason for wanting the seat or not (judging paying for the seat not valid, it seems).

The family flat out refused because they had “traveled a long distance” and “just wanted to sit together.” The dad “raised his voice at her and said ‘listen here, young lady…’ and that’s when things became nasty between them. The family did not budge. They kept the woman’s seat. The American mother says that “this experience almost ruined” their trip.

  • I understand a family not realizing that there were some assigned seats, and they could choose open seats.

  • When it was pointed out that the seat was reserved by someone else, they should have given up the seat.

If this family wanted the seat badly enough they should have offered the Irish woman something in exchange. She’d paid for the seat, they could have purchased it from her.

Instead they spoke condescendingly to her, and stole her seat. The family shared the story online as though it was somehow a moral victory. The internet didn’t like it, which is why they zapped he thread. But the internet never forgets.

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