Two Pigeons Forced To Deplane American Airlines Flight In Phiadelphia

There’s apparently a pigeon nest on the jet bridge at Philadelphia’s American Airlines gate A11. Cabin crew say they reported it “a month ago” but nothing was done.

Video shows a couple of pigeons making their way down the aisle of an American Airlines Airbus A321 as flight attendants encouraged them to deplane.

Now boarding group 9. Come on, get your baggage.

When asked on social media, the flight attendant who shared this video online explained that the pigeons weren’t offered Barclays credit card applications during their trip because “they were foreign.”

Other American Airlines flight attendants quickly piled on. One crewmember says the pigeons tried to hop a ride to Punta Cana last week. Another says that they tried this same trick on a Montego Bay flight over the weekend. Last summer two birds made a home inside the American Airlines Admirals Club between the B and C concourses in Philadelphia.

Ultimately the two pigeons weren’t allowed to remain on the aircraft because American Airlines only allows one carrion.

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