Alaska Airlines Pilot Storms Off Flight, Refuses To Fly Because Hates Co-Pilot That Much

Alaska Airlines flight 1080 from Washington Dulles to San Francisco suffered a delay on Monday after the plane’s pilot and co-pilot got into an argument – and the captain walked off the aircraft. The Captain actually announced to passengers that he wasn’t getting along with his co-worker.

The end of his "apology"

— Goodnight, Texas (@Goodnight_Texas) July 18, 2022

continued, @AlaskaAir there goes your pro pilot, off into the sunset

— CDC MUSIC FACTORY (@iwillbeamyouup) July 18, 2022

The already-delayed flight, thanks to weather, was pushed back another couple of hours as the airline looked for another pilot for the Airbus A320. The replacement pilot received applause when he finally arrived. The flight wound up delayed by 3 hours in total, but made up a half hour of that in the air.

While the unprofessionalism of crew was to blame for the inconvenience, the Captain was actually right to leave. He explained the decision was ‘in the interest of safety.’ If he couldn’t operate the aircraft safely due to his temper or temperament he absolutely should leave the aircraft. One passenger described the pilot as “fuming.”

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