Flying Delta Economy: “I’ve Seen Dog Food Look More Appetizing”

Delta Air Lines promotes itself as a more premium airline than competitors, and they used to be. Their operational performance has fallen, demonstrating the same reliability problems as their competitors, and they’ve cut back their premium product and try to claim it’s better for the environment.

The summer before the global pandemic, Delta Air Lines revamped its long haul economy product. In a sign that they had forgotten they were an airline they introduced amenity kits, welcome drinks and hot towels, and course-based dining in economy class.

To show just how different of an airline Delta is now, compare course-based dining in economy with this:

So… @Delta.. 9 hours on a plane and I’ve seen dog food look more appetizing

— Bailey Liedel (@BaileyLiedel) July 20, 2022

A passenger describes it as less appetizing than dog food. I looked and it and couldn’t tell what it was. I thought it might be Indian food? According to the customer sharing to social media, though, it’s actually… pasta?

“Pasta with sauce”

— Bailey Liedel (@BaileyLiedel) July 20, 2022

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