Hertz Bans Customer Over Ten Year Old $6 Charge They Never Billed

News and notes from around the interweb:

  • A good Christopher Elliott piece (stopped clock and all) Hertz banned a customer over a 10 year old $6 toll charge that had never been sent to them. (HT: Jonathan W)
  • Hertz offers more settlements to false arrest customers (HT crucker)

  • Huge brawl breaks out at Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom ‘the happiest place on earth’ they say.

  • Two Delta elites get engaged on the tarmac in Atlanta

  • About 1000 undocumented immigrants have used warrants as ID at airport security

  • Every gate should have a bubble machine.

    Yeah travel has been a nightmare for a lot of folks but kudos to this @SouthwestAir gate attendant who brought out the bubble machine. Smiles, laughs, and dancing make it all easier. Thank you. pic.twitter.com/kVRIK0lvKz

    — Craig Melvin (@craigmelvin) July 21, 2022

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