500 Free Miles & Crazy Lawsuit Against American Airlines Over Cuba Service Dismissed

News and notes from around the interweb:

  • 500 free Lufthansa Miles & More miles for joining the program via Frankfurt airport’s website. (HT: You Have Been Upgraded)
  • Timing of new aircraft for American Airlines.

    "So if they delay a little more we're ok"

    — gary leff (@garyleff) July 23, 2022

    MAXs coming early next year already showing a month delay, expect a couple of months' delay.

    XLR pushing from 3Q23 to 1Q24 was mentioned during the earnings call.

    — gary leff (@garyleff) July 24, 2022

  • I love it when airline employees go the extra mile to make difficult situations more bearable.

    I literally just want southwest (.@SouthwestAir) to take me to Texas but I’m stuck in Chicago on the tarmac lol pic.twitter.com/eLxbS0nGqK

    — André Marcel Harris, MSW (@andreharris89) July 23, 2022

  • WestJet’s “Wedding Singer” Flight Attendant

  • Vueling captain flees burning plane ahead of passengers

  • The lawsuit claiming American Airlines was trafficking the Havana airport, seeking compensation under the Helms-Burton Act has been dismissed.

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