American Airlines Concierge Key By Status Match [Roundup]

News and notes from around the interweb:

  • American Airlines ConciergeKey… by status match.

    [A] delta 360 emailed several top AA aadvantage executives and after some back and forth and proving extensive evidence and flight activity with even more info he was granted 1 year of CK (no system wides

  • One Intercontinental Hotel has figured out how to get around IHG’s new club access benefit. They change the name of the club, it’s no longer a club lounge. They just sell it with different branding. And elites with club access get shunted off “to a special area of the lobby lounge, allegedly only offering light snacks and soft drinks” instead.

  • With the move to making even companion upgrades complimentary on domestic and most close-in international complimentary, outstanding American AAdvantage 500 mile upgrades (‘stickers’) have been converted to 250 Loyalty Points apiece.

  • FAA allowed Southwest Airlines “to commit violations of safety rules involving repairs on planes it acquired from foreign carriers and the airline’s basic operations of them.” Between failures with Boeing, with Southwest and other reported lapses, the FAA’s credibility is at a low point. (HT: @crucker)

  • Aeroplan has extended its paused on mileage expiration May 31, 2023. Starting May 31, 2023 points will again expire without activity in an account in the previous 18 months.

  • Proposed DOT rule would require a secondary cockpit door for new aircraft so that the area could be closed off even when pilots open the door to use the lavatory.

    While reinforced cockpit doors are one of the more effective measures taken for aviation security after 9/11 (most of the others haven’t actually done much), a second door is being promoted for safety of the pilot from passenger aggression (“[pilots] deserve to be protected”) more than for safety of the aircraft.

  • Use an air sickness bag to mount your phone to the seat in front of you, creating your own seat back entertainment

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