Report: Elon Musk Building His Own Airport In Austin

Austonia reports that Elon Musk plans to build his own airport in the Austin area.

Elon Musk is developing plans for a new private airport, multiple sources tell Austonia. While the timetable and exact location are unknown, the conceptual plans have been confirmed by sources who say the airport would be east of Austin, near Bastrop.

Bastrop would be about a half an hour’s drive from the 2500 acre Texas headquarters. It’s an hour’s drive from the address Musk used on court documents related to the birth of his most recent child.

In contrast, The Boring Company’s headquarters is a mere three miles from Austin Executive Airport – although last year top executives at the Boring Company acquired 73 acres for a warehouse and manufacturing facility in… Northwest Bastrop where the new airport is believed to be planned.

Currently Elon Musk uses a 2015 Gulfstream G650. It was on the ground in Austin from Sunday until Thursday. Musk has a Gulfstream G700 on order for 2023 delivery.

At this point there do not appear to be any public filings with the FAA for the new airport.

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