After Being Trapped In An Airport For Days, Passengers Got Beaten Up By Staff [Roundup]

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  • A veritable Marilyn Monroe

    Flight 1683 was AMAZING 😍 she sang for my kids birthday AMAZING voice!!! @SouthwestAir you are the BEST!!!

    — dreadabomb🌻 (@dreadabomb1) July 28, 2022

  • Passengers beaten by airport staff after being trapped in airport for days U.S. airports only do this metaphorically. (Well, ok, Chicago Aviation Police used to…)

  • Lufthansa appointing anti-semitism czar

  • “Jet Airways…aims to relaunch commercial flight operations from September..[b]ut lenders led by the State Bank of India could push it into liquidation before it starts”

  • Delta adds Cape Town, Papeete, and Tel Aviv flights

    Mt. Otemanu From Conrad Bora Bora Nui

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